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Residential Electric Services

Residential Electric Services

Fire due to short circuit and other electrical wiring problems is one of the common problems that ho[...]
Commercial Electric Services

Commercial Electric Services

The scope for commercial establishments is very wide as these establishments are the ones [...]
Industrial Electric Services

Industrial Electric Services

It is given that industrial establishments have heavier requirements for electrical wirings and runn[...]

Are you looking for ways on how you can make sure that all electric wirings in your home or your commercial establishment are safely installed or are working properly? Then you will not have to work for this problem alone as you can choose to get the services of Kelmendi Electric for such needs.

Our company can provide residential electrical services, commercial electrical services and industrial electrical services that are sure to meet your standards. It is given that when it comes to electrical wirings, there are many people who are worried about the possible problems that they may encounter because of their current electrical connection.

Though problems may not come out noticeably, there are times when wirings may start any kind of accidents when not maintained regularly and properly. It may wear in the long time of being exposed to electricity and it is only necessary that you will let professionals conduct inspection and repair services throughout your establishment.

Why Us?

We, at Kelmendi Electric, are equipped with professional electricians that we can send for any establishments like residential, commercial and industrial ones. The main goal of our company is to give you the advantage of feeling secured that your electrical wirings are always in the best condition and will not start any accident within the establishment.

Our company caters the following services for any clients who would call us:

Residential Electrical Services

We have knowledgeable technicians who can come to your home and inspect the entire electrical wirings and give you an initial report of the problems that they have seen in your home’s wirings. After providing and the report and indicating the services that they will be providing, they will immediately work on the problems and make sure that they will leave the wirings in your home at its best condition.

Commercial Electrical Services

Given that commercial establishments are considered as public places, it is only necessary that the maintenance department will conduct regularly electrical wirings. The commercial electrical services that we are providing are all for the purpose of securing all wirings throughout the establishment. Our technicians will conduct maintenance and even repair services depending on what the current electrical wiring condition of your establishment has.

Industrial Electrical Services

Industrial establishments are also some of the places where the need for electrical wiring maintenance or repair services are neglected or overlooked. There are some establishments that do not conduct regular maintenance services, which lead to major accidents like fire and affect the entire function of the business. This the main reason why there are many industrial establishment owners must think about the importance of conducting regular electrical wiring maintenance or repair services.

As we, at Kelmendi Electric provide professional residential electrical services, commercial electrical services and industrial electrical services to clients, people can make sure that they will have an easy time getting the help that they need when it comes to keeping their homes, commercial and industrial establishments safe from any form of accidents.

You just have to contact us anytime that you want and we will be there at your location ready to provide our services!