It is given that industrial establishments have heavier requirements for electrical wirings and running complete and regular electrical wiring maintenance services along with repair and installation services when needed. If you are one of those people who own an industrial establishment, then you may want to make use of our industrial electrical services here in Kelmendi Electric.

Our company has already provided satisfying services to several customers and they have found our services to be reliable and worth recommending to their friends and family. We value our customer’s satisfaction and to prove that, we always make sure that our technicians can cater whatever services is needed by each client calling for our services.

Just like the quality services that we can offer for other clients in residential and commercial establishments, we follow strict protocols that will meet the safety needs of our clients. As we provide our industrial electrical services, our technicians will be conducting standard processes to ensure that necessary services are provided. Kelmendi Electric does not perform any services especially when we know that it is not needed. What our company provides services that are needed based from the overall inspection that our industrial electricians have conducted.

Reliable Electricians from Kelmendi Electric

All the electricians that we hire are all licensed and are receiving continuous training with the use of advanced technology in conducting industrial electrical services. Furthermore, our technicians are all bonded that will assure you that all our employees are picked carefully to ensure that satisfaction will always be guaranteed. Aside from that, our employees are always on-call. This makes our employees always ready to give clients the services that they need by the time that they request for it.

List of Industrial Electrical Services that Kelmendi Electric Offer

There are particular electrical services that we are offering for our industrial category and these are the following:

- Installation of electrical wirings of new equipment.

- Checking the wirings of new equipment and make sure that no connection will complicate its function.

- General wiring maintenance and inspection

- Major repair and replacement of electrical wirings

…and more

You just have to request us to do certain services in regards to electrical wirings and we will be glad to provide the services you need. Make sure that you give us an advance message to let our electricians prepare of the tools and equipments that they need to bring in your establishment.

Immediate Response to Calls

Being one of the professional industrial electrical contractors within Toronto, we make sure that we can provide immediate responses to the calls of our clients. We do not let our clients wait for our electricians for a long time, which makes us a reliable choice for your industrial electrical services needs. This is one of our ways in making sure that our clients will experience utmost satisfaction from the services that we can provide.

Do you want to try our services here in Kelmendi Electric? Feel free to contact us anytime that you want and we will cater to whatever needs you have immediately!