Fire due to short circuit and other electrical wiring problems is one of the common problems that homeowners encounter. Such accidents happen because homeowners tend to overlook the importance of keeping their electrical wirings checked regularly and ensure that everything is connected professionally. These residential electrical services are what we, at Kelmendi Electric can offer you.

Whether you are just putting up your home or are just checking the safety of the electrical wirings in the new place where you have transferred, our company can handle it. We are equipped with all of the professional technicians that you need to make sure that everything will be handled expertly. As soon as you call for our services, we will be sending a team of experts in your home and conduct the needed services for your home.

Keep in mind that correct installation and constant maintenance services for your home’s electrical wirings are essential services to ensure the longevity and safety of your personal investment. By the time that you would call for our services, our residential electricians will be ready enough to go to your location and provide whatever services are necessary.

Licensed, Bonded Professional Electricians

All our electricians are bonded and licensed, which means that your home’s electrical wirings will be inspected, maintained and repaired by experts. They are also trained to use the latest technology in checking electrical wirings that can make any client confident that the services that they need are handled by people who know their job well.

Residential Electrical Services

No matter what the size of your home is, expect that our expert residential electricians can do the services that you want. There are just many services that are included with our residential electrical services.

You just have to give us the areas where you want to electrical wirings should be fixed, installed or maintained and we will conduct services as fast as possible. We do not want our clients to just guess the problems of their electrical wirings are that is why we offer our clients inspection services first to make sure that we can provide the necessary services for the current problems.

Strict Protocols Implemented

We, here at Kelmendi Electric are trusted electrical contractors Toronto that follows a strict protocol when it comes to providing residential electrical services to our clients. Prior to repairing any problems or conducting maintenance, our electricians will always conduct inspections first. As soon as they conduct the inspection, they will give you a list of the problems that they have seen and explain to you the services that they will be conducting.

If ever no problems are found after inspection, they will continue the maintenance process and make sure that everything is running is at its peak condition.

Are you interested to get our services at Kelmendi Electric? Do not hesitate to give us a call and we will immediately respond to your needs!